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Gondomar Original Jewellery has born to immortalize Gondomar’s legacy

Promoted by the Municipal Council of Gondomar, this brand aims to preserve the local tradition of goldsmithing and jewellery making.

The brand’s authenticity seal, exclusively applied to products in this sector created by designers from Gondomar, operates on several fronts to achieve a common goal: to highlight the best of the largest economic sector in the municipality.

This project’s goals include:

  • Preserving the heritage of craftsmanship passed down through generations
  • Promoting national and international knowledge, enriched by new practices rooted in technological development and multidisciplinary training of local designers, artists, and entrepreneurs
  • Revitalizing the jewellery and goldsmithing industry in Gondomar, and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the sector.
  • Supporting companies in the process of internationalization and recognition for their products on the global stage.

There are nearly 445 businesses in this field in Gondomar, with a turnover of around €50 million (representing approximately 35% of the municipality’s industry) and employing more than 800 people. With an initial investment of around €100,000, the municipality aims to gather a group of 100 companies at the beginning, with the expectation to increase this number in the future.

If you work in this industry and would like to learn more about the Gondomar Original Jewellery seal, you can find more information here.